STAY WOKE: don’t sleep on these two NBA teams this year

Something underlying has been brewing that will cause an even bigger fan reaction than the offseason big name trades — sleeper teams.

Detroit Pistons v Minnesota TimberwolvesBy SIDNEY PERALTA
ITCNews Editor

Do you remember the off-season? Big name trades, and even bigger expectations. Kyrie and Gordon to the Celtics; Paul George and Melo to the Thunder with the stat king himself, Russell Westbrook; and CP3 crossing the border over to Houston to join The Beard in his quest to take rule over the west coast dominant Warriors.

The off season trades were amazing for fans that were growing tired of the less than surprising playoff/finals turnout over the last three years. (Call it a Warriors/Cavalier overdose.) But something underlying has been brewing that will cause an even bigger fan reaction than the big name trades; sleeper teams.

Watch out for the Pistons. No, it’s not the early 90’s, but we may just get nostalgia from the current bad boys fronting for Detroit. The Pistons currently sit at the second place in the east with a 14-6 record. Admittedly, we all thought it was an early season fluke, but then — they just kept winning and winning and winning. Even so far as to beat the current East coast top seeded Celtics. With their next game going up against a Wall-less Wizards, it can almost be guaranteed that they will find themselves with another W, inching closer to serious talks of being big time competitors.

636474180465308855-SI-20171127-kek-ad7-10-1-Drummond has been a stand out for the Pistons, with 14 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 block a game. Bradley, who was recently traded from the Celtics in the offseason, is also putting up stellar numbers with 17 points a game with 45 percent from the field, and 44 percent from the arc. Tobias Harris and Reggie Jackson have been just as big this season, with the former averaging 19 points with 47 percent from the field and 47 percent from the arc, while Jackson is averaging 16 points with 47 percent from the field and 40 percent from the arc. That’s 64 single-led points from these four alone. These are some bad boys we’re dealing with.


This big 3 out west is causing a lot of quiet commotion and whispers in the conference — and it’s not the Thunder. Ahead of tonight’s game, the Timberwolves will have the opportunity to prove something that I have believed since 10 games into the season, the real new big three is in Minnesota — we can even say it’s a big 4.

With the likes of Towns, Wiggins, Butler, and last but not least Teague, the Wolves are 4th in the West, with two wins over the other big 3 led Thunder. Tonight, they have a chance to make it 3 wins, and with that, they arguably make the statement that they can take on the Thunder in the postseason for a 5 to 7 game series, and win at that.

Towns is averaging a double-double this year with 20 points and 12 rebounds. Wiggins is just shy of 20 points a game with 45 percent from the field and a humble 32 percent from the arc. Butler adds about 18 points a game to the mix, while Gibson and Teague combine for 24 points and 11 rebounds on the floor.

Tonight will be one of those statement games echoed throughout the Association — watch out, because we are coming.

FINALS OR NOT: Are The Celtics For Real?

If I told you that on the season opener the Celtics will lose their second best player to a horrific injury then go on a 14 game winning streak with a rookie and sophomore in their starting line up to gain the top seed in the nba you’d think I was crazy!

Well just that has happened after losing their first 2 games Kyrie and the Celtics have gone on a 14 game winning streak. This streak didn’t come at the expense of lottery teams. The Celtics achieved this feat beating real teams like the Popovich Spurs, the MVP & OKC Thunder and championship Warriors. Not to mention the upcoming Lakers and Sixers who are a threat to anyone.

The main reason as to why the Celtics are winning so many is because of their defense. They are the number one ranked defensive team. Despite losing their two best defenders in Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder, coach Brad Stevens has devised a defensive strategy that has Kyrie Irving (a player not known for his defense) among the top defenders in the league averaging almost 2 steals a game, being top 5 in deflections and top 5 in defensive efficiency.

They’re holding teams to 98 points a game and outdid themselves against the warriors holding them to 88 points! The Celtics team defense has become so prolific that they’ve made; Carmelo, Steph, Klay, Porzingis and Embiid all shoot under 30% from the field when playing against them. To make these all stars shoot under 30% from the field is not easy feat. Unless you’re defense is that of the Celtics.

Another reason for their winning streak is the fourth quarter heroics of one Kyrie Irving! This man is really unstoppable in the last 12 minutes of a basketball game. He has had clutch shot after clutch shot in almost every fourth quarter including the loss to the Cavs.

Are the Celtics for real? The answer is yes! They’re on 14 game winning, the best team in the East by far and are looking better and better by each game. With the cavs not looking too great and very old the Celtics have a legit shot at dethroning the King of the Eastern Conference.

Can the streak stay alive? Tonight they take on the Atlanta Hawks to keep their win streak running. Win or Lose the Celtics are a team that are for real and need to be taken seriously. They’re the best defensive team in the league who have the best closer in basketball currently, their MVP candidate Kyrie Irving.

I guess the old mantra is correct, defence does win games.