It doesn’t need to be addressed that Teen Titans GO! gets plenty of hate from DC Comics fans. It could be how the wonderful Teen Titans show was cancelled, only to be replaced with this, or it could be that people believe DC is always ‘dark’ and ‘gritty.’ Twenty to thirty-year olds seem to find a way to hate the show despite not being the target demographic. Heaven forbid little kids could have something DC to call their own, but I digress, this could be a discussion for another time.

Love it or hate it, Teen Titans GO! knows exactly what it is (a blend of satire/meta and downright juvenile humor) and fully embraces all the ridiculousness that ensues on the screen.  And by the looks of Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, it continues to play off its strengths that have made it a hit with young kids as well as the parents (and older audiences) willing to accept it in all its absurdity.

From the opening scene, the self-referential/meta-humor is strong.  When all the Titans – aside from Robin — appear on-screen, donning Wonder Woman outfits, Warner Bros. is saying, “Yeah, we know you love Wonder Woman. After all, it was our most successful movie, financially and critically of the DC films universe so far. So here is some Wonder Woman for you to remind you how incredible and awesome it was and how much you love it.” Long winded, yes, but nonetheless a funny setup for the first great joke of the trailer.  Beast Boy says what every hater is thinking and what the creators already know: “No one wants to see us, fool!” I absolutely love that line. It is so aware of itself and self-deprecating that you can’t help but get a kick out of it.

Of course, reality sets in when I realize that I am not the target demographic.  The main ‘action’ of the trailer consists almost entirely of a fart joke that seems to run on just a tad long. It can be eye-rolling for some and I’m definitely in that boat, but I also understand that kids will get a kick out of it and am willing to let it slide if it means more self-deprecating jokes like what Beast Boy said earlier. And then it happens, the joke to end all jokes. “If Aquaman can get a movie, anyone can.” Please excuse me while I laugh for quite a while (And I love Aquaman).

So, will Teen Titans GO! to the Movies really be the superhero movies to end all superhero movies… hopefully, like the trailer wants you to believe? I guess we will find out when July 27th comes around.

Check out the trailer for yourself:

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