THE FUED CONTINUES: Birth of a NBA Rivalry!

Tonight the Sacramento Kings host the Los Angeles Lakers. Last year this would be a game nobody would stay up for, two non-playoff bound teams going head to head in a meaningless game.

This year the game has much relevance two lottery picks (2nd and 5th) go head to head for the first time due to Ball having injuries in previous matchups. This isn’t any old rookie matchup, this could add fire to the rivalry already brewing between the 2nd and 5th picks. Lonzo Ball and De’Aaron Fox are familiar with each other from their NCAA days playing the same position naturally becoming each other’s competition. Both winning games against each other with Fox getting the greater win. Fox torched Ball for 39 points and in doing so he knocked Ball’s Bruins out of the March Madness tournament. Fox credited his performance to Lavar’s comparisons between Lonzo and Curry. Fox just wanted to shut him up.

After his career night in College Lonzo’s father shadow boxed Fox’s 39 by preaching that “he [Fox] can’t shoot” and “Lonzo is still better than him”. Fox’s father even added some coal to the fire saying “my son ate his ass up twice” this rivalry could be bigger than basketball!

Tonight could be a revenge game for Lonzo after getting torched in March madness or it could be another opportunity for Fox to expose Lonzo again. With both the young talents showing their promise early, Lonzo with triple doubles and Fox with a buzzer beater to win the game, tonight could promise to be the beginning of great matchups between these two guards.

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