The New York Yankees are great, but everybody should be watching the Baltimore Orioles and their race to 100 against the Boston Red Sox. As of August 23, 2018 the Red Sox are at 89 wins while the Orioles are at 90 losses. When I was growing up one of the biggest lessons I learned from my brother (or he tried to teach me) was that I should aim to be the best at whatever I did. Ironically, am pretty average in all I do but I have always aim to be the best that I can be. (Get to the point.) The Orioles are aiming (maybe not by design) to be the worst team in baseball.

Watching a team lose is sometimes as exciting as watching them win. Seriously, more people (not just football fans) are paying a lot more attention to the Cleveland Browns after they only won a single game in 2 seasons. The Orioles are only 10 losses away from breaking 100 loses (this is too exciting).

The Twins back in 2016 got 103 loses, most impressive Astros loss 111 back in 2013 and they bounce back as 2017 World Series Champions. Losing (not tanking) is not always a bad sign for the future. By the way, since traded, Manny Machado hasn’t really done much, so Orioles may have dodge a bullet.

The New York Yankees take on the Baltimore Orioles
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Nonsense Note: The Orioles are not the Houston Astros and plenty of teams have loss 100+ game and didn’t win the World Series years later. But it creates a sense of hope and positivity for the team. Right now Orioles could use all the positive vibes available.

The Yankees with a 79-47 keep getting hit by the injury bus. Aaron Judge has no time table and Aroldis Chapman has been the latest victim. Regardless, only 9 games behind the Red Sox, only shows how strong and deep this team really is. New acquisitions Lance Lynn and JA Happ have been pulling their own weight so no complaints there.  Even though Lynn got bested by the Miami Marlins he had been on a good role.

Nonsense Alert!! Predictions!! Nonsense Watch!!

The New York Yankees take on the Baltimore Orioles
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  • Game 1: Sabathia 7-4 vs Cobb 4-15
    • Honestly, CC Sabathia’s decline should be less apparent vs the Orioles, mostly because the Yankees have been great at bouncing back from loses.
  • Game 2: Happ 14-6 vs Ramirez 1-5
    • Happ is on a 4 game winning streak wearing the Yankee stripes.  With every game he plays (and wins) could be getting him pumped for an important role in the playoffs.
  • Game 3: Pitchers are unknown.
    • Gleyber Torres only has 3 home runs this month!! Playing the Orioles, he could break in to the 20s.
    • Would like to see the Yankees try out some the bullpen pitchers as starters (just for fun).
  • Game 4: Severino 16-6 vs Cashner 4-11
    • Severino needs to get back to top form!!
  • Nonsense Predictions
    • Torres breaks 20
    • Series 3-1
    • Orioles break 100 loses for the year.

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