The Power of Lavar Ball and why we entertain his words

Lavar Ball knows what he is doing when it comes to keeping himself and the Big Baller Brand relevant. His opinionated remarks strike headlines like no other. It’s gotten to the point where the NBA coaches do not respect the media companies that publish his outlandish comments.

Will that stop reporters from gathering an insightful opinion from Lavar Ball, absolutely not.

We as fans of the NBA actually enjoy listening and reading about the Lavar Ball antics. It’s part of the entertainment aspect of basketball.

At times Lavar Ball actually makes a lot of sense and if he didn’t, his words wouldn’t be plastered all over the internet. The things he say makes someone think and speculate that maybe Lavar Ball is right.

When Lavar spoke out against the head coach of the LA Lakers, Luke Walton, you best believe it was picked apart by every NBA analysts whether they like it or not. His words drive attention which drives revenue.

Honestly, when Lavar said the players of the Lakers don’t like playing for Luke Walton and that it shows on the court, I bet every fan of the NBA will pay a little bit more attention to the Lakers in their demeanor on the court. Maybe Lavar sees something that we don’t see.

Lavar knows how to make others respond. He has mastered the game of attention.

Lavar is currently in Lithuania supporting his two younger son’s road to the NBA journey. But his words and responses travel, and all over FS1 and floating through the locker rooms in the NBA.

I feel sorry for Lonzo Ball in the sense he is asked about what his father has said and has to deal with that instead of focusing on playing basketball.

I personally believe his younger sons will not make the NBA, because I don’t think any NBA organization wants to be placed under the scrutiny of Lavar Ball.

Lavar has brought his sons up to “blame the coach” when things aren’t going well. With that type of attitude, dealing with Lavar’s sons is just not worth it.

I am a fan of the BBB and a supporter of the younger brothers, but I believe they are going to have to continue playing overseas because of how their father, Lavar, is.

Maybe with the creation of his own league, he can have his sons play there without any issues.

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