It seems like it was just yesterday when we found out that DC Comics is returning Superman’s (God awful) “trunks”. Yes, apparently that is a hot take to have in the comic book community. Oh well, the truth is the truth.

You have to understand that the “trunks” were a way of representing the era Superman was from — the Strongman Era.

I’m sorry, but we’re no longer in that era. When the NEW52 launched, and (nearly) every character got an up-to-date redesign and the “trunks” went “poof,” it was to bring the characters we love into this day and age. So it absolutely stuns me to see DC Comics taking a huge step backward, and for what? Because the “twitter mob” is still complaining 7+ years after the fact?

To be honest, I could eventually live with the “Man of Steel” getting his “trunks” back. I’m willing to make that sacrifice. Fine, the “Trunks Fan Base” can have that. Trunks Fan Base: 1 – Me: 0. We’re good… but now, it appears that more characters will be getting their panties back too,

I want to know who— who is asking for the trunks to come back? Please, someone tell me who! I just don’t understand the reasoning behind it outside of “member berries“.

But the single thing that gets me is Jim Lee’s latest comments on the “trunks” returning,

I knew when I took them off in the New 52 that they were going to come back… so I’m sure the trunks will leave again at some point.

This screams (as I said in my original article about the “trunks” returning) that it’s one huge money grab. It seems to be playing on the fact that there’s an audience who want them back. That, in its own right, is understandable, and if it was solely the reason, okay, but Lee going on about “the trunks will leave again” has an air of immorality.

To ignore progress for “member berries” is a step in the wrong direction, and screams that they’re willing to please a small sect instead of putting out a quality product in the event of the screaming gets too loud.