TITANS — Just when you thought Hawk and Dove couldn’t look cool

Last week we got our first official look at Brenton Thwaites as Robin (a.k.a. Dick Grayson) on the upcoming exclusive direct-to-consumer streaming service DC Comics will be launching next year (2018), TITANS. It came basically unannounced that it would occur, and whenever something like that drops, it spikes interest in whatever it belongs to. Now, while I was a bit disappointed in the choice of stage that Dick would be in his “career” as a hero, I generally liked the costume design. It had a BATMAN V SUPERMAN style vibe to it, and felt– well, real.

Well, we knew that two of DC Comics‘ more underappreciated heroes would be appearing in the show, HAWK and DOVE, as Derek Lawrence of Entertainment Weekly had announced Alan Ritchson (Smallville) and Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights) were cast as Hank Hall/Hawk and Dawn Granger/Dove in TITANS. The characters have their own cult following, and any die-hard DC Comics fan is going to at least know of them. I thought (even before the Thwaites reveal as Robin) that the biggest hurdle the show would have is presenting this two to the audience in a non campy way, and costume design would play a definite role in that.

Look no further, because here’s our official first look at the two, released by Titan Podcast,

I have to admit, they succeeded.

Looking at the designs from this single shot, which arguably doesn’t show much, but what we can see is essentially perfect. There is a hint of campiness to the designs like the “feather capes” and Dove’s goggles, but they’re both subtle. It’s melding the campiness of the characters with a realistic approach to the question, “How would Hank and Dawn look if they were in the real world?”

I want to applaud DC Entertainment here, because they’re doing a wonderful job at slowly and steadily hyping TITANS up instead of just dropping a MOAB of a hype-bomb on the fan base leaving us to forget all about the show by the time a release date is announced. This does leave me wanting more. Curiosity peaks as I’m wondering now what the other characters will look like, and ultimately praying that this show won’t bomb.

TITANS is expected to be released sometime in 2018, along-with the debut of DC Comics’ direct-to-consumer online streaming service.

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