Everyone knows that there was one very important character missing from DC Comics‘  Justice League movie, and that character being Hal Jordan. It was speculated plenty (by fans) that he’d be a surprise character to show up, but that rumor never came to fruition.

On May 12th, Henry Cavill (Clark Kent/Superman) was asked during a press tour for his latest movie, Mission: Impossible – Fallout (MI6), what his thoughts were on Tom Cruise joining the DCEU were. But more specifically when it came to the “fan casting” of Cruise as Green Lantern, which he said,

I think there’d be something very interesting in that, absolutely.

Cruise has a long list of movies that he’s been in, from: Mission ImpossibleTop GunThe Last SamuraiInterview with the Vampire, etc., but that list doesn’t include the likes of a comic book movie.

I personally wouldn’t be opposed to Cruise playing Hal Jordan in the DCEU. This goes to my opinion that Hal’s character should be a veteran Green Lantern, which would allow DC Films to admit to a lot of the Lantern mythos. It would be sort of like the way that they admitted to a lot of Batman’s by having him as “the Dark Knight” for, “twenty years.”

Cruise was asked, “Are you okay with never donning tights for that kind of movie in your career?” and he responded, “There’s always another mountain in anything, I’ll never say, ‘no’ if I find something that’s interesting, and the audience would like to see it.”

Now the real question here is: Are we going to see Cruise in a DCEU movie, let alone as Hal Jordan? I don’t believe so. Cruise is definitely a big name that puts people in the seats. He would surely equate to a nice profit, but his “price tag” is certainly astronomical, and with the recent blunder DC Films has suffered (a.k.a. Justice League), I find it implausible that we’ll see him donning those tights any time soon.


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