Tommy Robinson — “Breaching the Peace”, Reporting Ban and British Storm Number 10

Yesterday, the British activist, Tommy Robinson, was arrested outside the court of an ongoing “grooming” trial for the crime of “breaching the peace.”

Before being arrested, Robinson was reporting on the (grooming) case via a Facebook Live by filming men entering Leeds Crown Court. This comes after he was convicted (a year ago) of Contempt of Court for filming four defendants who were alleged of gang-raping a young woman.

Judge Denise Marson placed a ban on everyone in the UK from talking about the entire incident.

This completely prohibits anyone (in the UK) from covering the story and getting information about it out to those in the UK and around the world, or be arrested for disobeying the “gag order.” That then resulted in stories being erased from the internet (in live-time) that covered Robinson’s arrest.

As it was reported by Infowars, protestors marched outside of 10 Downing Street today, and even attempted to climb the gates in a show demanding Robinson be freed.

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