Tristan Thompson: A True Cavalier

Starting out 2-11 on the season and snapping a 5 game losing streak, the Cleveland Cavaliers have to hold on to all the positive energy they can. Tristan Thompson is that glimpse of success for the Cavaliers. Mo Williams was that guy for the Cavaliers after the first time “He who must not be named” left the 1st time. Thompson, through 12 games, is averaging 10.2 points and 10.2 rebounds per game.  If he keeps it up he could average a double-double for the 1st time in his career.

Thompson has been truly great for the Cavaliers organization. By the end of his career, he could even make it to the levels of what Udonis Haslem is in Miami. So far this season, he has already bested his best games from last season in terms of points (22), rebounds (21), assist (4) and steals (4). Thompson misunderstood statement regarding that they Cavaliers are the team to beat in the East was all about positivity. (In theory, he was right, the Cavaliers are the team everybody beating down on. Just a small price for a number 1 draft pick.)

Thompson may not make it to the NBA Hall of Fame but he is becoming a legend in Cleveland. As of November 14, 2018 and only 13 games into the NBA Season this is where Thompson sits on some of the All Time Cavaliers list.

Games Played

1 – LeBron James – 849

10 – Tristan Thompson – 532

Total Rebounds

1 – LeBron James – 6,190

5 – Tristan Thompson – 4,521

Offensive Rebounds

1 – Zydrunas Ilgauskas – 2336

10 – Tristan Thompson – 1777

Total Blocks

1 – Zydrunas Ilgauskas – 1269

9 – Tristan Thompson – 385

Thompson has making it to the top 10 in those categories in 7 years is pretty impressive and shows how important he is to the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers hope for the playoffs are pretty much non-existent but as a team in rebuild (tanking) mode having the right personnel means everything. Luckily for the Cavaliers, Thompson is not as toxic as JR Smith nor as skilled as Kyler Korver or Kevin Love that teams would target him for trades.

What Thompson is… a true Cavalier. He has experienced success and failure in the NBA from a players and a team perspective. Thompson can be the locker room leader that can help Collin Sexton and the other young guys. Is all about survival mode and getting at least 10 wins in the season. Thompson is the embodiment of the Cavaliers overall team, in theory he even survived the Kardashian curse (where is Khris Humphries?). The next chapter is surviving year 1 after LeBron.

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