In my house for Thanksgiving, I am not allowed to enter the kitchen whatsoever.  Something regarding my inability to cook, and my love for salt and lime in my food that automatically disqualifies me. I’m sure that I’m not the only one, and for those of us, thankfully there is football. So here are some game previews to get through the Thanksgiving games.

Bears (7-3) Vs Lions (4-6)

Khalil Mack and the Chicago Bears defense are what every Bears fan is thankful for. (Also send many thanks to the Jon Gruden.) Bears vs the Detroit Lions is an NFC North Battle, the Bears lead it and the Lions, well they are the Lions. These teams played each other once this season before, the Bears took the win, but this is Thanksgiving. The Lions play every Thanksgiving, this game is like playing on their home turf, turkey day is the Lions’ MO, well kind off, Lions’ sit at a record of 37-39-2.

Matthew Stafford will definitely break the 3000 passing yards this season as well. If he breaks the 4k mark it would his 8th consecutive season. The Lions may not have a winning record but this team has a lot to be thankful for in Kerryon Johnson and Kenny Golladay.  

Prediction: Bears Win

Redskins (6-4) vs Cowboys (5-5)

This game had the potential to be a crucial game for both teams. With the recent injury to Alex Smith, the Redskins will have to change the game plan in the battle for the NFC East.  Colt McCoy will be the starter for the Redskins; 9th season, 36 games, 27 touchdowns, 23 interceptions; this game will all depend McCoy experience and the lack of preparation by the Cowboys defense, because they won’t know what to expect. On the plus Adrian Peterson could draw enough attention to give McCoy a fair chance to get comfortable.

Cowboys are on a 2 game winning streak after beating the Eagles and the Falcons. Beating the Redskins puts them a step closer to making the playoffs. Cowboys could be thinking at their season like this – 6 Games left, 4 winnable games (Redskins, Eagles, Buccaneers, Giants), 1 automatic loss (Saints) and 1 game 50-50 (Colts), that could be at least a 9 game winning season, enough to attract new players and new coach.  

Prediction: Cowboys win. But really would prefer for the Redskins to win, the lack of information on McCoy makes it hard to think of a game plan. Redskins know that they can’t go out with a run 1st mentality but are not sure how McCoy would be able to react on the game.

Falcons (4-6) vs Saints (9-1)

Julio Jones has broken the 1k receiver yards again and hopefully gets a couple more touchdowns. The Falcons have fallen off their high ground from a couple seasons back and now a days, more times than other look desperate. Yes, injuries have been a big part but the Falcons seem to be thinking about their summer plans and just wanting to get over the season. That’s what losses to the Browns and the Cowboys due to you.

Saints are playing like the best team in the NFL right now, I hardly doubt that the Falcons will be the team to knock them off their course. Same goes for the Cowboys, Buccaneers and the Panthers. Week 15 Saints vs Steelers that could be fun.

Prediction: Saints win BIG.

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