Umberto Gonzalez refers to DC Comics’ fanbase as “alt-right”

In a tweet on Monday, October 9th the popular “blogger” who’s most known as “elmayimbe,” Umberto Gonzalez, tweeted out what could be called a horrendous and unnerving term in relation to the DC Comics fanbase,

So according to the fanboy alt-right, aka the DC troll hive, superhero movies aren’t supposed to be “fun” or have “humor?”

I’m sure, despite how wide political coverage now reaches, that there are those who are unfamiliar with the term “alt-right.” It has absolutely nothing to do with comics, superheroes and/or anything of that nature. It’s a term that covers a portion of the right-wing in (mainly) American politics, though it’s being used across the world to marginalize anyone who doesn’t agree with one’s opinion. “Alt-right” is made up from the radical extreme of the right-wing, such as; the KKK (Ku Klux Klan), white supremacists, white nationalists, Nazis and so on.

Now I’m sure that if you’re like me, how the term and the DC Comics fanbase are in any way, shape or form connected, or even remotely similar blows your mind. It’s an egregious attack on a fanbase that is made up of men, women, children and people of all race and creed.

I understand that in his tweet he then (tried) to clarify his definition of “alt-right” as being the “DC troll hive”, which in no way forgives what he did. If anything it proves he understood exactly how asinine the term is, and that using it to define a fanbase who has nothing to do with whom it actually describes is– it’s ignorance and a lack of caring for who he was talking about.

In this current day and age where bloggers and critics are disliked by a majority of fans, it seems insane for Umberto to further alienate those who already don’t take him seriously, but even worse to attack those who did appreciate him and what he does. There is certainly a divide, and it’s blatantly clear that they — bloggers and critics — have absolutely no desire to fill it, or fix it.

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