One thing that DCEU fans have unwillingly become accustomed to over the last five or so years is the (overall damaging) meddling of Warner Bros. Of course the most notable being their interference with Zack Snyder‘s BATMAN V SUPERMAN and (ultimately) JUSTICE LEAGUE. They allow the minority that is the anti-DCEU twitter mob to dictate their trust and faith in the projects that they hired their directors for. (At this point it’s proving to be a detriment to the extended universe as seen in JUSTICE LEAGUE’s “bombing” at the box-office.)

So a lingering, but rightful, concern amongst the fan base has become the angsty, “Will Warner Bros. interfere with James Wan and Aquaman too?”

Taking into account Warner Bros. seeming distrust for Snyder (who’s totaled $1,541,680,437 in just two movies), that he was actively helping Wan on AQUAMAN, and that Wan is known for his success in the horror genre rather than the superhero genre; you can’t help but to see where those who fear the “guiding hand” of WB seem to be justifiably accurate with their concerns. Hell, I was one of those who was asking the aforementioned, especially so with the tragic box-office finish for the League.

You couldn’t be a DCEU fan and not be worried that this “new comer” to the genre would be “bullied” by panic overcome executives who saw tweets complaining about something or another in regard to his upcoming movie. Whether it was the “air bubbles for dialogue,” or the right on time “it’s a mess“. One thing is for sure, and that’s there’ll always be some claim placed against DC movies that seem hellbent on sinking the ship.

Like I said, I was one of those worried… but the keyword there is “was.” There’s nothing like seeing a single “like” that assures you that your worries are unnecessary.

Allow me to walk you through this revelation: Batman-News had tweeted out questioning the promoting of AQUAMAN due to the fact SHAZAM! is seeing a bit of promotions already (and it’s not scheduled for release until sometime in 2019). Well a fan, Ali G., decided to respond to them with,

Now, you might be asking yourself why this tweet assures me all the concerns I (and you) had were for nothing… well, that’s because of who liked the tweet.

Credit to Ali G.

Wan, himself, which suggests he agrees with what was said.

BUT now take into mind that’s not definitely what it’s saying. Not by a long shot. It would take specific confirmation of such an assumption. At best, it appears he could like the fact that fans are sticking up for him; for the movie.

Now, with that said, Wan has recently took to twitter and tweeted the following:

Followed by part 2,

And last but not least,

I’m a huge advocate of waiting on any rumor (or claim) until there’s verifiable proof. I think too often the fan base is quick to pull the trigger and believe a rumor to be fact, and that tends to spread like a wildfire. It muddies the water (pun intended) and then makes it difficult to decipher what is and what isn’t real.

So I applaud Wan for stepping up and setting the rumors straight. Hopefully we can go a bit longer than normal without some “apocalyptic” rumor involving AQUAMAN (and the DCEU in general), but more likely than not, I’m sure something will find its way out from under the bed.