When a rumor hits the interwebs, there’s one thing for sure: expect the most extreme take on it from both directions. So when the rumor of Tom Cruise being a possible choice for the role of Hal Jordan hit, you got both “hot takes”; (1) “Oh God, please no! No, no, no, no! NOOOOOOO!”, and (2) “That’s the greatest pick of an actor for a character since Heath Ledger as Joker!”.

Now let’s be honest, neither of those takes are accurate. Look to the most recent “extreme take” that was Ben Affleck cast as Batman. Hysteria was rampant, but we know how that turned out.

So over the last week, we’ve got a rumor coming out of ComicBookMovie.com where they said, “It’s possible [Cruise] may still be interested [in playing Hal] if the script is changed.”

That, like every rumor, needs to be taken with a massive grain of salt. Despite the fact that Cruise himself said he’d “never say no” to the possibility. No one can know anything with any certainty when it comes to rumors off the internet, always wait for confirmation from the source (ie Warner Bros, DC Films and/or the actors themselves).

With that said, it does raise the question: What could Tom Cruise mean for Hal Jordan?

Like Affleck as Batman, this would mean the “Most Willful Being in the Universe” is older than normally depicted in the comics. Usually Hal would be somewhere in his 30’s, and Cruise is 56-years old (though he doesn’t look it). Reasonably speaking, DC Films might be able to get away with saying a Cruise Hal is in his mid 40’s.

“Why does age matter so much?” you might ask, and the answer to that is the same as to why it mattered with Batman. It allows them to admit far more of the lore than doing several movies that force feed the general audience.

Cruise also brings huge “name ID,” something needed since the Green Lantern franchise’s initial big screen debut was a fail. And the fact he’s a huge draw for the box office (Mission: Impossible 6 just passed $500M worldwide) would ease concerns about its potential profits.

Whether or not Cruise gets the role, that is up for the grain of salt debate until there’s confirmation. But it is undeniable that Cruise being cast as Hal Jordan would certainly help the project in various ways. Many of which far outweigh fan outcry that’s been wrong in the past.

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