NBA Finals: Why is LeBron James so Relax at 0-3?

The Warriors have not played to their full capability, and yeah they are winning, but it sucks to watch them. Wins are wins but they haven’t really being fun to watch. For the Cavalier Game-1 it was a tough loss due to miss free throw and a “shaqtin-a-fool” play; Game-2, Steph Curry was on fire and just couldn’t be stopped; Game 3, the Cavaliers didn’t take advantage of a struggling Curry and let Kevin Durant do whatever he wanted. The Cavaliers are 0-3 in the NBA finals and LEBRON JAMES IS WAY TOO RELAX.

Cavaliers vs Warriors really displays how too much of a good thing is bad for all of us. If the NBA is rigged, I’m begging them to make it look more exciting, because it seems like they ran out of story lines. The Warriors are really hard to watch, this is not the team that use to move the ball so well that even the opposing team lost count of the number of passes per possession.

The Warriors have 2 plays that they run 1) Durant ISO, 2) Curry drives – Passes to the forward on the corner – runs towards that same corner, forward screens for Curry for a corner, 3) Bonus: Draymond Green alley-oops to “insert centers’ name/role players” here. LEBRON IS WAY TOO RELAX.

Every shot that JR Smith takes should subtract one minute from him, and be given to a bench player. Cavaliers (or LeBron) destroy Rodney Hood’s year especially when you notice how better Jae Crowder looked after leaving Cleveland. Honestly, nobody cares about Kevin Love, that’s it #SorryNotSorry. LEBRON IS WAY TOO RELAX.

Is it becoming obvious, that the Warriors aren’t fun to watch play basketball. While the Cavaliers are doing everything they can to make sure they don’t win. If you watch Game-3, can you tell me how many opportunities you saw the Cavaliers blow while being down by 3, or tied? Did you notice how sloppy the Warriors played? And even as KD couldn’t be stopped the only thing that came to mind was how he can’t finish a game.

KD so called dagger from 35-feet seemed to be more hyped up by the announcers, interviewers or even his after shot reaction. Seriously, is not like KD was going against a top defender, the whole game he had been doing whatever he wanted. KD was feeling it all of Game-3, 35-feet why not, makes it “great shot” if he had missed just another “heat check”. Curry 1-10 shooting night with his only shot coming in 4th that was the real dagger.  


The NBA playoffs haven’t been that much fun to watch, maybe that’s why the (“rigged”) NBA is giving the fans a sweep, but really is just to end it all. LEBRON IS WAY TOO RELAXED. Where was this Cavaliers team against the Boston Celtics?

Lebron is way too relax for a guy who is down 3 games in the NBA finals. It’s like he’s on auto pilot and doesn’t care. He knows his legacy won’t be affected, because individually he is putting up career numbers. Ten years from now, analyst will look at those numbers and say, “Wow, LeBron was a monster,” without thinking how Hood went from averaging 17-points to not playing. The point is that it seems LeBron doesn’t care at all in this series, nor for this team. At the end of the day, he might (or might not) be the “GOAT,” but that’s still no excuse to make it to the NBA finals and just be completely relaxed and fine with whatever is happening.

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