From the mega power move that Gal Gadot (actress, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman) pulled over the sexual harassment accusations involving (multiple women and) Brett Ratner (producer) to the positive reactions of JUSTICE LEAGUE; the DCEU and its fan base have been on one hell of a ride the last week. In general that seems like what it is to be in the life of a DCEU fan. There’s been highs and some lows, but here’s to a gigantic sigh of relief as it seems like the “God of the DCEU,” Zack Snyder (director,) remains atop of the mountain and his guiding hand still bends knees.

It’s been a tough year for Snyder and his family, as they unfortunately lost their daughter. We found out a while after the fact, and honestly, I kind of wish that it would’ve remained private for the Snyder’s. This being especially so since many bloggers and “haters” used his  tragic loss against him, by insinuating that it was his movies fault.

It was beyond acceptable (and understandable) for him and his wife, Deborah, to step down from JUSTICE LEAGUE to take time to themselves in order to cope with what they’d experienced.

Of course, following the Snyder’s stepping down there came a shit storm of rumors and vile insinuations. Things like Joss Whedon (director) was going to “fix the mess that’s JUSTICE LEAGUE,” and that Snyder was pushed out of the DCEU entirely. The former of which was debunked on multiple occasions, and the latter being the Anti-DC Machine at its best trying to destabilize the DCEU any way it could.

Now rest easy, as we have found out in an article from USA Today that Zack and Deborah still remain apart of the DCEU, and their hands are currently working.

Deborah said in the article,

Justice League 2 “would be amazing” but DC’s lineup is already plenty busy.

But the article went on to say that they’ve — Zack and Deborah — been working with Patty Jenkins (director of WONDER WOMAN) on her sequel, which comes as to no surprise since they were apart of the first. I had never felt that Snyder would completely back away from the behemoth that he had a huge hand in creating. I always thought that if anything, he’d likely step out of the director chair and take the sole chair of being a producer, as well as help with the direction of where the DCEU is headed.

Seeing that he might have his hands in WONDER WOMAN 2 takes a huge weight off my shoulders as a colossal Snyder fan, because it breathes hope into the fan base that he’s far from done with the DCEU. It also gives you hope that he might– just might retake the (director) chair for the JUSTICE LEAGUE sequel.

JUSTICE LEAGUE hits theaters November 17th, and WONDER WOMAN 2 is now slated for November 1st, 2019.


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